Christmas story 2022 : “The price of a christmas gift”


A conversation between a high school daughter and her mother.
“Hey, Mom.”
“How much can you afford for Christmas this year?”
“I thought it’d be easier to choose if you told me how much.”
“No way, that’s not so dreamy.”
“Just tell me. It’s so fun to find a good one, then.”
“Uh, wait a minute. I’ll answer tomorrow.(sigh)”
“Yay, I’m so excited for Christmas this year!”


(Oh my God, What should I answer? It would be easier if I could just told her how much it is. But I don’t think I can answer such a price. I wonder if all the parents in the world will be asked for that. How do they answer?)


(I have no idea at all.. The moment I said the price, it would become a normal gift, wouldn’t it? What should I do? Should I ask my friend about it? But it’s really silly.. Hey, Santa, this role is too difficult for me…oh, wait, hmm..Santa?)


“Hey, hey, Mom. Have you decided?”
“Ah, maybe, I think so.”
“Really? Yes! I can’t wait to find out.”
“Santa told me about it.”
“What? Santa?”
“No, no, no. I don’t need such a kiddy story.”
“Santa is the one who brings the presents.”
“Oh, my God, stop it.”
“Just listen to me. Santa said, just tell him what you want. Anything.”
“Because he doesn’t buy gifts in the first place.”
“Oh really?”
“No, he doesn’t. So he said gifts have no price.”
“Oh, that’s unexpected, huh?”
“Well, why don’t you think about what you want most and write a letter for him? Since he doesn’t buy it, so he is in trouble if you asked how much.”
“Well, OK, mom, I got it! I’ll find it and write to him! Good night!”





The story when she was 8 years old.

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