KEIKO Beauty Column 1-4. Basics of the skin care


1-4. Basics of the skin care  (日本語はこちら)


“Ingredients” necessary for the skin.


First of all, I think that you are most interested in beauty ingredients.


Therefore, I would like to return to the basics once again.


You may remember that the global environment and the skin environment are the same.


Various nutrients circulate on the surface of our skin and the earth, and the animals, plants and microorganisms are living by taking and metabolizing them.

Nature, our skin and our body are always trying to keep the best balance.

All conditions are tuned with appropriate components and balance. It maintains a wonderful power balance as an energy body.


This perfect mechanism is a benefit beyond human wisdom and is something we must save carefully.

However, at some point, humans have lost their balance due to their selves-centered ideas, and the good nutrients and ingredients are almost losing its essential elements.


To make matters worse, there is even a situation in which the quality of products is also determined by human’s self-centered idea.

That’s because of the trend setters in the industry and the media.

Which of these overflowing ingredients should we choose and what criteria should we trust?

For example, is too much hyaluronic acid really better for moisturizing? Is collagen really a necessary component?


Hyaluronic acid, ceramide, collagen, fullerene, elastin, ascorbic acid, astaxanthin, coenzyme Q10, isoflavone, polyphenol, hirudoid, stem cell culture solution, etc.
There are many more cosmetic ingredients,
but these are just only supporting roles.


In order to deliver the ingredients the skin really needs to the skin as cosmetics, it must maintain the “nano size particles”, but if it is not fresh, it will denature and agglomerate.

According to the mechanisms, we need to focus on the contents of cosmetics like,



and “effect”

that can make the skin beautiful.


Essentially, the nutrients our skin needs are,

Amino acids
And Enzymes

These are the main players,
and build our body as basic nutrients.
And making up for the missing parts with the supporting roles like the above.


Excessive use of ingredients should be paid attension, because this may cause the skin to lose its balance.


Now we tend to be confused with too much information, that’s why I want you to go back to basics and think again,

about that our bodies are made of food…



Skin that reduced its function and accelerated aging due to overuse of ingredients


Strict adherence to the improvement methods reported, functional recovery in 2 months due to the efforts of the person, skin rejuvenated from actual age




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