KEIKO Beauty Column 1-5. Nutrients necessary for skin

1-5. Nutrients necessary for skin (日本語はこちら

The nutrients required for the skin are:

Amino acids

These are just all the ingredients that make up our body.

The body is made of food.

By taking these substances in a good balanced, beautiful skin can be formed.

Conversely, no other ingredients are needed.


And, from the viewpoint of balance, in addition to the nutrients, the condition of the cell fluid like,

Redox state
Salt concentration

are also very important.

Also, our body (cells) is powered by a “sodium-potassium ion battery”.
Modern people are chronically deficient in potassium.
Potassium ions are difficult to take and are easily lost by sweat.


If the ion shortage continues for a long time, it will appear as rough skin, herpes, acne, pimples and stomatitis.
This is a sign of necessary of recharging, so you should take it consciously to improve your condition by yourself.

The human body is giving various warnings and balancing to maintain homeostasis,

As always, today’s skin care market is in the ingredient competition with,
“hyaluronic acid”
“Hepatocyte culture solution”

The components are originally mixed together into one in living things, but now these are decomposed into pieces and competing each other on behalf of humans.

And also “Amount of ingredients” is also compared each other.

Just like a phrase that you often hear about hyaluronic acid **** mg.

And there is also overestimation of new ingredients.

After appearing with such attractive names of new ingredients and catchphrases that stimulate purchase motivation, a trend has emerged since then that almost always involves competing ingredients.

There is too simple common sense in the cosmetics industry that certain ingredients cannot be sold without emphasis.


Antibacterial agents for acne,
creams containing high concentration XX for drying,
and such too simple supportive care reduce the original function of the body and cause chronic skin troubles.

Overuse of ingredients can be a threat to maintaining the balance of the skin environment.

Once unbalanced, the skin suffers a negative chain.

In the point of view, ingredients and balance are very important and should be paid the biggest attention.


If all functions to protect our skin and body work smoothly, we can maintain beautiful skin and health.

I repeat,
Our bodies are made of food we are having everyday.

I would like you to choose what to eat every day and what ingredients to put on your skin carefully based on the idea.




▼ Skin trouble and acne after out of bacterial balance for four years


▼ Improved skin environment by taking necessary nutrition, moisturizing ingredients and reducing stress by antioxidation



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