KEIKO Beauty Column 1-11. Grateful natural moisturizing cream

KEIKO Beauty column by Keiko Iwanaga, a beautician with over 40 years of experience. Collaboration with Dr.Oike opens a new frontier of beauty.


1-11. Grateful natural moisturizing cream (日本語はこちら)


Among the resident bacteria that spread on the surface of our body, the representative bacteria are

“Epidermal staphylococci”
“Cutibacterium acnes”


Epidermal staphylococci break down sebum and always keep the skin mild acidity, inhibiting the growth of alkaline-friendly pathogens.

The fatty acids produced by epidermal staphylococci are less smelly, and skin that does not smell is a sign that the epidermal staphylococci are alive well.

The most powerful mechanism to keep pathogens away is the “number” of fungus.


By maintaining an overwhelming number of epidermal staphylococci at all times, we can keep Staphylococcus aureus away.


Resindet bacteria have acquired a symbiotic relationship with human epidermal cells in overwhelming numbers.
In addition, the resident bacteria actively break down the sebum to produce fatty acids and glycerin in order to make the living area (epidermis) a better environment to live in.


This ensures that the epidermis is always covered with a natural moisturizer to maintain a moist, fine smooth skin.


If we are to appreciate this grateful benefit, it is nonsense to select a self-centered skincare that ignores the resident bacteria.


Here’s why I’m all about maintaining resident bacteria.
The number and balance of resident bacteria is directly related to the health of our skin.


We can’t get beautiful skin by ignoring the resident bacteria.


Therefore, it is necessary to be careful about the ingredients and actions that may threaten the bacteria on a daily life.


– Ultraviolet light
– Oxidation
– Exfoliation-care
– Pores-care
– Face washing and cleansing
– Unnecessary ingredients
– Physical stimulation, chemical stimulation
– Shaving
– Light stimulation, Electrical stimulation
– Water, hot water


These days, we often hear the word “Skin prebiotics”(菌活), which means that “we = bacteria” activate the bacteria that work well to improve beauty and health! That’s it.


Let’s protect our skin from various external enemies by taking care of the “resident bacteria” that are our “protectors”.



Manufacturers are finally taking on the challenge of “Skin prebiotics”.




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