KEIKO Beauty Column 1-13. Fight on the environment

KEIKO Beauty column by Keiko Iwanaga, a beautician with over 40 years of experience. Collaboration with Dr.Oike opens a new frontier of beauty.


1-13. Fight on the environment(日本語はこちら

In my last column, I told you that daily bathing washes away more than half of the bacteria, and using synthetic detergents almost wipes them out.

So, what is going on on the skin at this time?

Bacteria that have been cornered during cleaning will quickly escape into the pores.

If the pores are cleaned to the inside where bacteria can escape, it will take long time for the residental bacteria to recover.

This is why too much cleaning your pores can be dangerous.

Getting along well with these invisible lives is essential for healthy skin.

So what exactly should we be paying attention to?


– Do not wash strongly with strong detergent
– Don’t hurt skin with nails
– Don’t use cosmetics with too much preservatives or emulsifiers
– Don’t leave too much ingredients on the skin.
(Avoid too much slimy.)


What happens if the residental bacteria are damaged?

As with our society, it will take quite long time to re-establish a healthy society of the residental bacteria once they have been lost.

However, by going back to the basics of giving the necessary ingredients only as much as the skin need, it can get a steady recovery.


We can keep the healthy skin by creating a comfortable environment that is safe for the residental bacteria to live in.

They play a major role in face washing and skin care.

If the number of them is reduced or weakened, the method of recovery is,

just only,

“Don’t do anything that doesn’t need!”

That’s all.




Here comes! Near future cosmetics!

Major manufacturers are competing
on the Forefront of Microbial Skin Care.




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