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1-20. Friendly bacteria predominance(日本語

I always check for constipation during a couseling.

This is to help you realize that there is the correlation between the intestines and the skin.

Even if you have a daily defecation, you may have 2kg to 5kg of lodged stool, which causes “hidden constipation”.



Until the mid-1950s, the nutritional balance of Japanese people was mostly good.

After that, however, the balance began to break down gradually, and disordered eating habits due to changes in social life.

It is said that the amount of defecation per day in Japan is reduced to half of what it was just after the war.

Roughly half of the stool is composed of the residental bacteria and their carcasses, so a decrease in the number of stools means that the bacteria in the intestines have been decreased.

The food residue left in the intestines rots and circulates throughout the body as toxins, which have a direct effect on the skin.



In addition, improper intestinal environment is the cause of many serious diseases, such as dementia and depression.

By living in awareness of your own intestinal environment on a daily basis, you can avoid a variety of risks.



The good intestinal environment mechanism is as follows

The residental bacteria feed on dietary fiber and begin to ferment

Its fermented substances stimulate intestinal peristalsis.

Stool don’t stays in the intestines long time.

A clean intestinal environment with a predominance of good bacteria



The key of this topic is to make sure you’re getting enough fiber in your diet!

The daily diet should include a reduction in high-protein, high-fat meat, oil and dairy products, vegetables, seafood, miso and A traditional Japanese diet with fermented foods such as pickles and fermented soybeans can help restore the balance of bacteria in the intestines. In addition, you can always regain your physical and mental health.



On the contrary, the environment in the intestines that cause bad health is the result of the post-war era’s focus on meat, eggs, milk, and processed foods (additives).

And also, if you get stress, cold, constipation, etc, the bad bacteria multiply at once and suppress the good bacteria.



Then, even the opportunistic bacteria, which had been on the side of the good bacteria, join the bad bacteria, and as the result the flora becomes even more disturbed.



In other words, “putrefaction in the intestines” means that food is broken down in the intestinal environment with a predominance of bad bacteria.



Therefore, if we want to win beauty and health, we need to make sure that our intestinal flora is always “predominantly good bacteria”.  That’s all.




Today’s society has destroyed all the germs protecting us!

The presence of the residental bacteria on the skin that makes the skin beautiful and moisturizing, but we are,

Scrubing with soap and water
Removing the residental bacteria
Destroying the keratin
And allergens came into the skin
Then the skin is dried out and becomes rough…

Dr. Koichiro Fujita, MD




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