KEIKO Beauty Column 1‐21. Risk of DNA damage

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1-21.Risk of DNA damage(日本語

The negative effects of ultraviolet light on DNAs are very significant.

Diameter of a DNA is about 1 nano meter.

And various electromagnetic waves are falling to the DNAS from space.



Short range waves in the electromagnetic waves are,

– Gamma ray
– X-ray
– UV light.


Because they are close to the size of a DNA and injure repeatedly to DNA in a short time, they can damage DNAs.






DNAs damaged by UV light as shown above produce the wrong proteins and cells.

This can disrupt the body’s mechanisms and create cancer cells.



These short range electromagnetic waves are absorbed by

– Ozone layer
– Moisture in the air
– Sweat
– Dead skin layer
– Titanium oxide
– Zinc oxide



The UV absorbers used to protect our skin from UV rays are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.


Rutile titanium dioxide:
Blocks UV-A waves that penetrate deep into the dermis of skin

Zinc oxide:
Cut down on UV-B waves that can cause inflammation of the epidermis


There are two indicators of UV care effect as follows,

[SPF]: Mainly effect for UVB

[PA]: Mainly effect for UVA


The skin care industry tends to focus on how to raise these [SPF] and [PA] values.

On the other hand, there are also warnings about too high UV absorber, because too much of a UV absorber can dry out the skin and remove oil from the skin.

In fact, I myself always get skin rough when I use a sunscreen with SPF 20 or higher.
Or rather, I get irritation!



More and more of our customers are like this these days.

We really want to make sure the protection of UV light, but at the same time, we have to be very careful with “Too high value UV absorber”.



Even SPF 20 UV absorber can provide about 90% UV protection.

And then a parasol is useful for additional care of your skin with as little strain as possible. I

The biggest problem is the outdoor activities. We tend to be too conscious of the effects of UV rays and use high SPF products.



We need to cleanse our skin immediately after you get home and make sure don’t leave any powder on our skin.


We have to find a sunscreen that considers the both of “UV risk free” and “safe for skin”. It’s going to be a good balance in our skin life all the time!




For smart UV protection…

Please watch the video below.

Sources: ABC-TV, FDA
Translated by Dr. Oike




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