KEIKO Beauty Column 1-36. Beyond our dream


KEIKO Beauty column by Keiko Iwanaga, a beautician with over 40 years of experience. Collaboration with Dr.Oike opens a new frontier of beauty.


1-36. Beyond our dream (日本語


The more we confront our skin cells, the more we find ourselves in a variety of dilemmas.
This is because there are so many ingredients and equipments to improve the skin, but we can’t find the best solution for skin care.

In such a case, we should get back to basics and look at the nature of the human body and skin, and you’ll find the right answer.


In my last column, I described the placental extract as the best nutritional drink for our skin cells.

That’s because it has all the nutrients skin cells need.

And I also said that the rest of the ingredients are essentially unnecessary.


However, in the ordinary placental extract, the main ingredient, bioactive protein, is destroyed by heat treatment in the manufacturing process.

In addition, water and enzyme solution are added at the time of extraction, so it is considerably diluted.


Why is it treated by heat?

It is because when extracting the placenta, it needs a sterilization process.

Although heat treatment is a common method of sterilization, most of the bioactive proteins, which are the main component of placental extract, are vulnerable to heat, and most of their activity is lost at the process.


The reason why placental extract has been loved for a long time even in such a condition is because it is the original component of cells and has all the nutrients necessary for cells.

This is why it is an ideal partner for skin cells, as it is well adapted to the skin and does not interfere with its function.


So everyone had been hoping that we could use the active power and the nutrients of the placental tissue fluid in its original form…

And now, that wish has finally come true…


The spirit of never giving up has made the impossible possible.

We succeeded in developing the bioactive placental extract with preserving its vitality and nutrients.


It is the world’s first completely unheated raw placental extract.

It is the birth of the placental extract that everyone has been waiting for!





A thought opens the door to a miracle.




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