KEIKO Beauty Column 1-44. To be a healthy body

KEIKO Beauty column by Keiko Iwanaga, a beautician with over 40 years of experience. Collaboration with Dr.Oike opens a new frontier of beauty.



1-44. To be a healthy body

For the body to be healthy, it is important that each and every cell is normal.


Stiffness is a condition in which body fluids and muscles are clotted and their flow is slowed down, and if there is stagnation in the body, various problems can occur due to insufficient nutrition reaching the cells.


In such cases, lymphatic massage is effective in relieving stiffness and promoting blood flow, but it is important to be careful about the oil used.


The best oil to choose is the one that has a high degree of refinement (purity) and is made with 100% natural ingredients with no extra ingredients added.


In aromatic massage, popular with women, the essential oil itself is composed of very small molecules, which allows the aromatic ingredients to be absorbed through the skin and circulate through the blood vessels to work on the tissues of the body.

Not only are the ingredients themselves highly effective, but also the scent signals reach the brain directly, which helps to regulate the problems of the body and mind, making it a good choice when one is mentally and physically tired.


However, there are many different types of aroma oils on the market, so the oil you choose must be high in purity and contain 100% natural ingredients.


It’s a waste of time if your body absorbs even bad ingredients, and your body needs to feel safe to accept them to normalize them!


Disorderedness is a message from the mind and body.


We should continue to listen to them on a regular basis and have the presence of mind to deal with them as soon as possible.





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