[Alert] Please be careful of fake Raw Placenta Cosmetics

[Alert] Please be careful of fake Raw Placenta Cosmetics [Japanese


On October 5th, 2023, we found that the same performance data (EGF value of 148 pg/ml) as ours was published in the catalog of the “Viviaso series” of cosmetics sold by WOMANHOOD Inc.


In the past (November 2021), WOMANHOOD used the name FILTOM and our data (including the above EGF data) in its publicity, so we have protested and removed the information from the Internet after protests from our company.


But, in February of 2023, the company still continued to include the information in its catalog, and when we protested again, we received a response on June 8th of this year, “We(=WOMANHOOD) do not use any of FILTOM’s raw materials, nor display any of the relevant data.”


However, on or around October 5th of this year, it was discovered that the WOMANHOOD had been used our data again in catalogs and in-store pop-ups at three stores in Kumamoto Prefecture, at event venues in Fukuoka Prefecture, and at event venues in Tokyo, and had continued to promote the WOMANHOOD’s products.


Since the fake publicity that suggests that FILTOM’s raw materials are used has continued for more than three years and a considerable number of catalogs and products have been spread, we have decided to disclose the information for the purpose of public benefit (to prevent the spread of damage for customers).


If there is a customer who has purchased the above products under the mistaken impression that they contain raw placenta extract from FILTOM in the right way, please let us know so that we can consider how to deal with the situation.


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Thank you.