KEIKO Beauty Column 1-3. About the skin


1-3. About the skin  (日本語はこちら)


Our goal is to make the skin healthy.


But we can not express the beauty of us unless the skin is healthy.


When we were kids, we didn’t have a spot even after having a black tan in the sea.

I didn’t need moisturizing cream in the cold winter.

The reason is simple.
Because the skin worked well.


However, it becomes more difficult for adults.
The skin of twenty years old is in the best condition, but various functions continue to fall by the day of death.
Skin is also no exception.

We tend to use cheap cosmetics from drugstores or one dollar shops every day since high school days. From twenties, we begin to have spots and it’s even progressing to ADM.
In other words, it means skin age is also surely progressing.


Compared to twenties, we looked at least 5-10 years older than our real age.

Despite the ignorance of youth, in the rest of your life, you will have to spend an annoying day looking at spots every time you look in the mirror on 365 days.


As long as you are in your twenties, you must be able to keep your skin healthy.
Unless you do extra unnecessary works…

This “unnecessary work” is the problem.

Women naturally do their best for beauty, but if they believe the unnecessary work is a good thing, and spend a lot of time and money, it causes a disappointing result.

If you have real methods and answers like equations, you don’t have any trouble, do you?


But each of us is a different person.


Personality, taste, constitution, thinking, reaction, behavioral pattern, habits…


We have our own “Personarity” in all of these.
The ecological mechanism is also gradually being changed.


The important thing is whether it suits you or not.
No matter how wonderful, your body will not accept anything that does not fit.
But if it is accepted smoothly to our body, we can feel result quickly.
It is also applied to food, medicines, ingredients, and life practices.


And the other end of it is a rejection.
This is the worst case we can not resist.
It extremely destroys our healthy balances.


I describe it as “brain response”.


No matter how wonderful ingredients, they can become poisons and medicines depending on the “brain response” of the person…


Humans are very complex and difficult creatures.


The brain is both an enemy and a friend.


We need to aim for healthy and beautiful skin with our brain as a friend.

What is needed and what is not needed for a healthy skin environment…

From the next column, I would like to explain about that in detail.


▼Skin health control : A case of lost of bacterial balance


I was shocked when my passing man told me my skin was dirty.
Then I visited the salon with courage.



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