KEIKO Beauty Column 1-6. About skin type



1-6. About skin type (日本語はこちら)


There is an entry field for skin type in the questionnaire on a counseling sheet.

Then, looking at how customers perceive their skin type, the most common answer is dry skin.

Next is sensitive skin.

And most of people have some allergies.

However, there are many self-proclaimed dry skin people who are not dry skin.

There are various patterns of dry skin.

The causes of dry skin are,


Skin quality?
Ultraviolet light?
Air conditioning?
Cosmetics with strong alcohol?
Short of moisturizing?
Influence by synthetic components?
Skin malfunctioning?
Balance of Bacterial flora on skin?

First, we need to find out the cause,

Quite a few are falling into the “illusion of dry skin.”

Skin contains 30% to 40% of water, but below 10% the stratum corneum loses its flexibility, causing wrinkles and rough skin.

The dry skin that people misunderstand is cheated itself of uncomfortable skin with too much moisturizer even without water.


On the other day, a 30-year-old client told me, “No matter how much moisture I keep, drying won’t stop. Then I can’t help relying on too much Nivea for my face.”

Even her young age, I was anxious and gave her advice that “you should aim for healthy skin at an early stage without symptomatic treatment.”

Many people believe that moisturizing ingredients should be applied to moisturize the skin.

However, skin that relies too much on moisturizer will definitely reduce sebum production.
As a result, self-proclaimed “dry skin” people will increase as ever.


Despite the many moisturizing creams and moisturizing methods out there, there is no clear answer.

Is there a fundamental idea you can trust, especially for people who have sensitive, dry, or atopic skin?


We are still confused,

but at the very least, we can’t rely on trend cosmetics and skin theory, which are believed as common sense.

Therefore, the basics of skin care methods that I want everyone to know

“Resident bacterial flora”
“Water baced moisturizing”
“Face washing”

It is the presence of “fatty acids” as the “third key player” that protect our skin.

If you are aware of these facters and follow the skin mechanism faithfully, skin troubles can be avoided with a high probability,
You won’t suffer long-term negative spirals.

Healthy and beautiful skin is our treasure.


Wrong recognition, wrong care is a waste of time and money.

So how do you moisturize your skin without overprotecting?

Next time around the theme!


Dry eczema
In the season of dryness every year, dryness and itching that cannot be stopped even if the moisturizing is strengthened. The usual eczema that appears afterwards.
It is a dry spiral.
The escape method creates a “moisturizing cycle”!
See the next column for details!



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