KEIKO Beauty Column 1-10. The Invisible Truth

KEIKO Beauty column by Keiko Iwanaga, a beautician with over 40 years of experience. Collaboration with Dr.Oike opens a new frontier of beauty.

1-10. The Invisible Truth (日本語はこちら)


Our body has about 60 trillion cells, but the number of microorganisms living in the body is 600 trillion.

If the body is a single condo, 90% of the residents are bacteria and only 10% are humans.


Thus, acutually majority of our body is bacteria, NOT us!


Did you know this surprising truth?

It means that,
if these bacteria are not healthy, we can’t live well.


There are more than 600 trillion microorganisms in our bodies and 1 trillion bacteria on the surface on the skin.

Even if it’s invisible, it’s a really huge number.


This number is really surprising, but and more, the daily life of the bacteria on the healthy skin is very interesting.


Amino acids, proteins, sugars, minerals, vitamins, and resident bacteria.


These invisible ones maintain the skin with an amazing coordinated play which cannot be made without any of them.

There is a perfectly orchestrated structure of the nature.


Here are three benefits we are getting from these bacteria.

Functions of resident bacteria
(1) Keep the skin mild acidity
(2) Keep pathogens away
(3) Create fine skin


If we want to keep our skin healthy and beautiful, we need to focus on creating an environment where these “skin protectors” can coexist in peace.

This is exactly why I have repeatedly mentioned the ingredients and balance that we put on our skin in the previous columns.


In order to create a comfortable environment for these resident bacteria, it is important to consider what you put on your skin in your daily skincare routine.


These days, we rarely see healthy skin protected by resident bacteria.

On the contraly, everyone is at a loss for what to do with their weak and fragile skin.


After all, the same thing as the global environment may be happening on our skin as well.
Or I can assure you that it’s definitely happening.


I’ve been facing my skin for a long time, and I’ve always tried to improve my skin by letting these “invisible colleagues” play a leading role.

Because we can’t make our skin beautiful by ignoring the resident bacteria.


It’s good to try different beauty methods to become beautiful. However, it doesn’t make sence in making the resident bacteria unhealthy because of this.

The essence of “beautiful skin” is to create a good environment for the resident bacteria to live in peace, and to maintain the ingredients and balance necessary for this.


Beautiful skin is built on the healthy environment for the resident bacteria.


And it’s the most inmortant thing than any other things.



Symptoms of the photo:
Acne fungus, malasseur fungus, face mite
allergic eczema

For out-of-balance skin
Don’t wash your face too much or use too many ingredients
Beware of antibacterials and peels


Restore the proper balance and healthy skin by creating an environment where bacteria can coexist on the skin



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