KEIKO Beauty Column 1-14. Dear Bacteria

KEIKO Beauty column by Keiko Iwanaga, a beautician with over 40 years of experience. Collaboration with Dr.Oike opens a new frontier of beauty.



1-14. Dear Bacteria (日本語)

Recently, I’ve been getting more questions about the resident bacteria from our customers.

This time, I would like to express the state of mind of the resident bacteria that protect us from external enemies.

What effect do our unconscious actions have on them?


(KEIKO) “First of all, what’s something you’ve been feeling particularly bad about lately?


(Bacteria) “Hmmm, we can feel that the various ingredients have increased so much lately.

It’s so amazing sometimes!

Let us tell you frankly, we feel like humans don’t have the ability to understand defferences between what our skin needs and what it doesn’t need at all. We’re sorry, but…”


(K) “You mean that there are so many unnecessary ingredients!
So, what do you actually want the most?”


(B) “First of all, minerals.

And fresh water and vitamins.

Basically, that’s all we need to do first!

We guess those are the three first things.

And next is the fats, proteins and polysaccharides used to cultivate the soil (horny layer).

But those are good in moderation, really, because they’re produced from within the skin when it’s energized.”


(K) “So you mean fresh nutrition, mainly minerals and vitamins.”


(B) “Yes. we can say we don’t want others anyway.

As long as our skin is healthy, that’s fine, but if these other unnecessary ingredients come in, we’re not going to be able to live there.

And then the skin gets rough and we can’t live there anymore.

It’s a vicious circle…

Too much hyaluronic acid or collagen can be also nutrient for bad bacteria.

Unnecessary ingredients for the skin – surfactants, natural preservatives, antibiotics, excessive fragrances, etc. – are also threats.”


(K) “I see! It’s a life or death matter, isn’t it?
You can’t have too many ingredients, can you?”


(B) “Yes, after all, what we need is balance…

And the balance depends on your body condition.
It’s like a daily meal.

So much so that I really want each ingredient to be prepared individually!

We want each ingredient to be prepared in pieces.”


(K) “The best ingredients for your skin at each time, I guess you mean!”


(B) “Yes! And I want the lotion, serum, cream and items to be prepared separately as well.
Also, cleansing.”


(K) “So you’re talking about ingredients that fit the role of each item, right?
When we check the ingredient list of cosmetics, we can find so many of them!
Just like let’s put as much as we can into it, you know. 🙂 “


(B) “Really, right!
And it would be helpful if you could be careful in that issue.”


– Let’s continue to the next article on the true feelings of them.





It’s a threat to the resident bacteria.

Ingredients in cosmetics lined with confusable names.
What’s the real reason to put so much in?






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