KEIKO Beauty Column 1-17. Infections and hand skin trouble

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1-17. Infections and hand skin trouble (日本語


A survey by a major cosmetics manufacturer found that more than 70% of women have skin trouble on hands due to the habit of washing hands and disinfecting with alcohol to prevent the new coronavirus.


We’ve often heard the following comments from customers.

– It becomes hard to open a plastic bag because sebum of hands is taken off and dries out.
– Hands get rough from alcohol sterilization.
– They feel it necessary to need oil.


If your fingers are rough, it’s easier for the virus to get in a wound.

It is recommended to take care of it as soon as possible, because it will be dry out if you don’t wipe it off thoroughly after washing your hands.

Choosing a cleaning agent to wash hands many times is very important for the present pandemic time.


[Choose a cleaning agent that doesn’t break the skin barrier].

1. Don’t choose a synthetic detergent

2. Choose a pure soap.

3. Select a pure soap with fast dissolution speed (speed to remove dirt)

4. Choose a product that is rich in moisturizing ingredients.

5. Choose one that rinses quickly and leaves no surfactant


As I’ve mentioned in previous columns,

The FDA has announced that there is no difference in the sterilization effect between disinfectant soap and ordinary pure soap.


So, wash gently with safe pure soap and disinfect your hands only when you are out where you can not wash your hands.

Then, take care of your hands with creams and oils that don’t break the skin barrier (resident bacteria).

By the above methods, you may be able to avoid skin trouble on hands.


We tend to think of cleaning as “removing oil” or “removing dirt”.

= Cause of skin trouble.


However, pure soap focuses on how to leave the sebum and resident bacteria behind while removing dirt.


The fact means that the sebum removed too much so far can provide comfort to the resident bacteria.

= Friendly to human skin.

It must be…




Protein denaturation by synthetic detergent
Not only skin troubles on hands, but nails are getting bumpy!



Pure soap foam cures skin trouble on hands and nails!



The movie shows the effects of synthetic detergents on skin and hair.




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