KEIKO Beauty Column 1‐19. Intestines, beautiful skin, health

KEIKO Beauty column by Keiko Iwanaga, a beautician with over 40 years of experience. Collaboration with Dr.Oike opens a new frontier of beauty.


1-19. Intestines, beautiful skin, health (日本語


“If your intestines is clean, your skin is clean.”

This is a popular phrase, isn’t it?



There was a famous doctor who is very good at a colonoscopy, and his colonoscopy was very easy without pain, so there was a rush of appointments.

However, the famous doctor suddenly stopped performing colon tests one day.



I found the reasons for this very interesting.

The doctor said he don’t have to look into into the colon anymore, because he can see its condition with looking into the person’s skin!



I could understand it somehow, but the comment of the famous doctor surprised me…

After all, the condition of the intestines is the most important issue for a woman.



As you can see in the previous video, the intestines perform important tasks such as digestion, absorption and excretion, as well as being the source of autoimmunity.

It forms the largest immune system in order to protect yourself from pathogens that invade with your food.



In other words, your intestines are the foundation of your health.



The intestines are home of 100 trillion resident bacteria, and,

lifestyle habits
overdose of medicine
Due to stress, etc.

When the intestines are out of balance, the intestines environment is disturbed and the intestines becomes dirty.

Then, digestion and absorption will be poor, and your immune system will be weakened.



In addition, it can cause various diseases, poor health, and rough skin as the sludge circulates throughout the body.



No matter how much fresh food you eat or how many expensive supplements you take, if your intestines are dirty, they won’t be absorbed.


Nourishment is important, but we recommend that you must start from cleaning out your intestines.






Irregular daily life and stress can make your intestines environment worse…





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