KEIKO Beauty Column 1-25. Fragrance pollution

KEIKO Beauty column by Keiko Iwanaga, a beautician with over 40 years of experience. Collaboration with Dr.Oike opens a new frontier of beauty.


1-25. Fragrance pollution(日本語

Now, a new pollution called “Fragrance pollution” is getting more serious.


Strong fragrances from fabric softeners, synthetic detergents, antiperspirants, disinfectant sprays, etc. are making more and more people sick.


An internet survey by a detergent manufacturer found that over 50% of the respondents have experienced illnesses by artificial fragrances.


There is wide range of ymptoms of fregrance pollution.
Just smelling the scent can cause sneezing, tears, and coughing.
Many people also experience long-lasting health problems such as headaches, dizziness, nausea and general malaise, which can seriously affect their daily lives.


Some have been forced to stay home from school or retire their jobs.




I do not use any fabric softeners, synthetic detergents, antiperspirants, or anything that contains artificial fragrances at home.


Maybe that’s why I myself sometimes get sick from the scent of fabric softener and shampoo rinse from passersby.


These days, I am being away from the damage thanks to a mask…


These strong fragrances are created with chemical agents artificially that can cause a variety of physical symptoms.





There are many products that claim to have a “long-lasting scent” and “rich scent” in commercials. Many of them sold at drug stores competing a variety of fragrance with each other.


These products are made by attaching synthetic resin microcapsules that encase the fragrance ingredients to hair and fibers to create a fragrance effect.


One theory I’ve heard is that it doesn’t take off the scent even after a few years.


And also it permeates through the skin as well as the breath.
It’s really scary to think about that.

It’s not just the person using that product, it’s also a health hazard to the people around them!


A man-made disaster called “Fregrance pollution”.

Do we still need artificial scents?


Well, the number one fregrance pollutant in a ranking was fabric softener…





“Chemical Sensitivity”, which can happen to anyone.
What can be done to prevent it?

~A Future Without Chemical Sensitivity

Excerpt from SHABONDAMA SOAP Inc.




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