【BIOTALK Report】 “Architecture of Crisis” Why can’t we feel other intelligence?

Here is the brief report of our presentation, “Architecture of Crisis”, at BIOTALK on 26th MAY in Mediamatic, Amsterdam.  (日本語


Why can’t we feel other intelligence in the universe?

We introduced our challenge through Placenta C6 to desalination for drinking water with such a question.


Special Thanks to Placenta C6 Users and C& [Chi and], Bunbo Co.Mediamatic.

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I came from Kitakyushu in north area of the Kyushu island. The Kyushu island is located in southern area of JAPAN. I’d like to introduce our challenge. PD separation of us, FILTOM, is the technology which aim to make drinking water from sea water, but at the same time, which can be applied for food, beverage and cosmetic products.

Our challenge is to make profits to progress the study by selling such products and try to achieve the desalination for drinking water in low energy consumption in future. It is a small trial in small area, but also one small trial of big team in this planet.




Why we feel alone in the univerce? We are now facing too big wall to overcome which other intelligence also had been facing. How can we overcome such drastic population explosion?

We must be the first intelligence to oversome the problem. We must be the first intelligence to pass the sustainable technology to a new family in an other planet.









Today, in this planet, many many colleagues is now studying various sustainable technology with same heart. In the team, we are trying to find key factor in our kidney.

At the present time, we can’t make drinking water from sea water in low energy consumption. But at the same time, the kidney system exchanges more than 180 L of water and ions from blood daily time in our body. The secret of the system is the really unique protein, the aquaporin, in superhydrophilic membrane, which can filter only water.




Then we selected cellulose as appropriate material to make artificial kidney system. Cellulose has 6 of hydroxy groups in a molecule. It is one of the strongest hydrophilic material which can catch water.

FILTOM has developed industrial process to make nano level hole in the cellulose membrane steadily. But only the nano hole is not enough to remove salts from sea water. We need the aquaporin mimic function.









To achieve same function of the kidney in the cellulose membrane, we need to do numerous experiments. It the process, we could get unique placenta extract.

Profitable activity is making our technology bringing higher level. Market which has higher concept maintain higher motivation of us.




Then, let me make an advertise our product. (laugh)  It’s really for our study. (laugh) PD separation don’t change ingredients same as kidney. It can remove bacterias and viruses in body temperature and purify all of nutritions for skin cells at same condition and same balance. We think that the placenta extract by the PD filtration is the best for our skin care.

Yes, it is sold well. (laugh)




Our study for the PD separation is still on our long way. We feel it’ll take around 50 years to achieve industrial level process to make enough drinking water.

We set some steps until goal like removing spore or bacterias from ponds or lakes. And also removing viruses from fish farm. We makes collaboration with the Keitaro Ito’s laboratory of the Kyushu Institute of Technology, to progress such steps.




As we mentioned in the beginning of the presentation, we prepare some of UDON noodle from Kitakyushu after the session. With the taste of Kitakyushu, please share our challenge. Well, please remember not only Udon, OK? (laugh)  Our PD separation, too. Thank you very much.











Water Campus 2016 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

Article of Mediamatic : “Architecture of Crisis”



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