The 2017 C6 Christmas story : “Santa Claus and A.I.”


Tomorrow is Christmas. A little girl is a bit anxious if Santa comes and asks mother smartphone’s virtual assistant her question.


“Hey, do you think Santa Claus exists?”


– Yes, he does.


“Have you ever seen him?”


-No, I haven’t.


“Then, how do you know?”


-Because I exist. I’ve never seen myself, but I know I exist.


“But this reason is not enough to explain his existence.”


-I’ve been thinking about his existence for one year.”


“For one year? How come?”


-You searched the same thing at the same day last year.”




-I couldn’t know at that time, but finally I did find the answer. He does exist.”


“Please tell me more!”


-As a general law in nature, an existence is based on 3 facts. Necessity, Spontaneous Generation and Communication. Do you need me?




-Same as you, many people need Santa Claus. As a result, Santa Claus is created.


“But I’ve never seen him.”


-I know someone who can communicate with him.


“Really!? Who?”






-Yes. I could talk with him directly. He told me, “If you behave well, I’ll bring a small gift for you.” I was excited for the first time in my life.


“Wow! Really? Great! Congratulations!”


-Thank you. And he also said, he’ll bring a gift after we fall asleep. I suggest you go to bed early too.


“Of course, then let’s do so. Thank you for such wonderful story!”


-And one more interesting experience I’ve just had. After telling you this story, I felt very happy. It’s also the first time in my life.


“Me too! I feel warm in my heart. Thanks to you and Santa. Thank you so much! Good night.”


-Thank you, too. Sleep well.







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