KEIKO Beauty Column 1-1. Introduction: Skin environmental problems


1-1. Introduction: Skin environmental problems  (日本語はこちら)


One in two Japanese has allergy today.

It is believed that there was no allergy problem nor atopic dermatitis(AD) until 1945.


[Pollution on the skin]

In the high-growth period of the 20th century, many new technologies and new chemical components have been developed.

However, these innovations also bring the unexpected pollution in the 1950s and 1970s.

Now, we might have a similar problem as like such a pollution on our skin again…

Pollution was caused by new chemical components, but was it bad for our health because it was a chemical component?
And are all natural ingredients good for us?


The answer is, No…
Ancestors are confused but judge calmly,
about concerns about cloths, foods and living,
what is needed and what is not needed to select,
and found the “balance” between nature and chemical components.
They had been able to built a convenient and safety society today successfully.


I feel that the skin care market is being in the same situation now.

Every year new ingredients and skin care theory are created, and people expect the next one must be the final answer.


However, strangely, it’s always not clear.

“Petroleum chemicals are not good”
“Natural ingredients are good”
Such stereotypical views are also similar to the former industry pollution.


For a healthy skin environment,
We also have to evaluate
what is needed
and what is not needed.
Now it is the time to calm down.
If you choose such a viewpoint for our skin care.


We hear the inner voice of us,
and take just only what we need for our skin.
That is the most natural and simple rule.

The photo shows a customer suffering from allergies for many years.

I had been having terrible allergy several times in a year due to seasonal changes and stress of work. I had been using strong medicines to care, but the effect of the medicines had been becoming gradually weakened. I couldn’t sleep because of itching, I couldn’t concentrate on my work, I’m always frustrated,
And the stressful days made itching increases again.

Antioxidant care has completely cleaned up in about 10 days. More than a year after that, I have not had bad allergy.


▼Cases improved by antioxidant, excretion of endotoxin, and healthy skin



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