KEIKO Beauty Column 1-2. Environments of the Earth and skin are same


1-2. Environments of the Earth and skin are same (日本語はこちら)


[ Skin troubles are environmental problems of skin ]


Many people with skin problems come to my salon from all over Japan.


Those who have to retire due to allergy like atopic dermatitis(AD).


Those who have suffered from acne and other skin problems, and the medicine has finally stopped working.


Terribly drying, spots, sagging, etc.


When counseling with them,
They have been making an effort every day with a wrong method that may make it worse,
or spending too much money at a specialized institution.
I have been concerning about the situation.


Nowadays, there is a lot of information on the internet, etc., and it is hard to know what to believe, but people are trying various methods with a tiny hope.
It would be good if the result came out,
However in the most of cases, it may keep getting worse.
As a result, it falls into an unmanageable situation.
I strongly feel the responsibility as a treatment service provider for such cases of skin trouble.


Skin troubles are environmental problems of skin.


Now, the earth has lost its balance
Number of typhoons, their power, courses and damags last year were beyond our prediction.


Just same as it, our skin is about to lose balance
and its original function.


In such a condition, how should we protect ourselves without being confused by too much information?


Just like mothers who consider their children’s health first and choose daily ingredients for kids,
we should learn ingredients by ourselves and have eyes to evaluate nutrients if that suits us.


If you still have trouble choosing,
listen to your inner voice.


We have the ability to find answers, just as we have our inner natural healing powers.


What foods suit for own body?


Which marathon or yoga is suitable for you?


Daily necessities and cosmetics have been only so-so, but we should know which one is better for us.


We should know what types of learning method we need.


No matter how good it is, our body can not accept anything unless it suits ourselves.


The answer is all in your inside.


▼Antioxidant, detox, skin health

After I got a job and came to Tokyo, my atopic symptoms started to appear.
It was a terrible life with too much drugs of a topical medicine, an oral medicine, a weekly steroid drip in three years.
However, the symptoms did not be improved at all.
Finally, I have to quit a jof of cabin sttendant I got after my efforts.
I came to the salon with my mother with a tiny hope.
Since that day, despite stopping steroids at all, my symptoms were being improved little by little, and after a month I felt that my rough skin was changed to be healthy. I was able to continue my work. I was very relieved and happy.



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