KEIKO Beauty Column 1-7. Escape from the Dry Out Spiral

KEIKO Beauty column by Keiko Iwanaga, a beautician with over 40 years of experience. Collaboration with Dr.Oike opens a new frontier of beauty.



1-7. Escape from the Dry Out Spiral (日本語はこちら


General lotions and creams leave something moisturizers on the skin and moisten them.

People who want much moistened feeling misunderstand the ingredients remaining on this skin as moisturizing.
Therefore, they tend to apply a lot on daily life.



If you give too much moisturizers, your skin will misunderstand and your sebum production will be reduced.

As skin cells become less able to produce sebum, resident bacteria on the skin are reduced and the skin’s moisturizing system becomes weaker.

This is called, “Dry Out Spiral”.



What is a “healthy moisturizing cycle”

The skin produces sebum first.

Resident bacteria break it down into glycerin and low-molecular moisturizers.

When the low-molecular moisturizwes decrease, the skin cells will notice it and start producing sebum again.



Healthy skin can continue to produce natural moisturizers by itself,

on demand!

If you rely too much on moisturizers because you are a bit dry, you will fall into the dry out spiral again.



So what exactly should we do?

First, let’s compare the characteristics of popular moisturizers.



[hyaluronic acid]

Such as
Polymer moisturizers are,

・Have great moisturizing effect at a small amount

・Can’t fine-tune mostening the skin

・As the molecular structure, it remains on the skin for a long time even after it is no longer needed




[amino acid]
[Propionic acid]
Such as
Low molecular moisturizers

・Requires more volume due to low moisturizing effect

・Can fine-tune mostening the skin

Each has advantages and disadvantages.

In conclusion,
What your skin really want is the low molecular moisturizers.

Many remaining polymer moisturizers are burdensome to the skin, but the low molucular moisturizers can fine-tune better at the right time.



And the natural moisturizers the skin produces are also low molecular.

The method to escape from the dried spiral is,

creating a “healthy moisturizing cycle”.



[Healthy moisturizing cycle]

Gives plenty of water and right amount of low molecular moisturizers

Increases nutrients while gradually reducing extra moisturizers

Wait patiently for your skin to produce sebum.



Moistening skin means the replenishment of “water”

“Prevention of drying” is the role of the “low molecular moisturizwes” which can be produced by the skin itself.

It’s very simple, but this is the main road to the real “healthy skin”.



However, there is one point to be noted here is what to use for this “water”. 

This is a very important point.

Because the skin after face washing absorbs water unprotected.

I would like to tell you about that soon.



And I will unveil the “skin trouble”, too…

I realize that the basics of skin care are just symptomatic treatments and is not enough.

So what is the biggest reason?

That’s the “Stress”.


Next time, I will tell you about rough skin and stress.



The customer came to our salon with her skin getting worse day after day after herbal peeling and getting out of control.
It took more than a year to recover the function because the skin barrier collapsed, the water retention ability was extremely reduced, and the balance on the skin was significantly disturbed.



2 months later



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