KEIKO Beauty Column 1-8. Skin trouble and Stress

KEIKO Beauty column by Keiko Iwanaga, a beautician with over 40 years of experience. Collaboration with Dr.Oike opens a new frontier of beauty.

1-8 “Skin trouble and Stress” (日本語はこちら


The biggest cause of skin trouble is,


Why does the human body tell us the stresses in a way that further amplifies the stress?

A stomachache can lead to painful stomatitis, mental stress can lead to atopy.

One of the biggest reasons should be,

“Crisis management system”.

It may tell us that a more serious “crisis” than skin trouble is approaching to us…

For example, when you touch a hot pot, even if you get burned, your skin can be heal because you can feel too high temperature with pain.
However, if you keep touching it, it cause a catastrophic injury.

The pain we feel from a hot pot is to inform the crisis.

Skin trouble may tell us the more important crisis that needs to pay attention…

Either way, we need to quickly find and remove the causes of the stresses.

There are three types of stress
“Environmental stress”
“Mental stress”
“Biological stress”

For life living on the circulation of nutrients on a surface

The “changes in ingredients” causes“the first stress”

And then it causes “mental stress” and “biological stress” and appear as “skin troubles” on the skin.

Stress is the root cause of skin troubles, and nutrition and moisturizing are just symptomatic treatments. Not enough.

If such troubles were treated locally and symptomatically,
it can not be a fundamental solution.

Because the flowing component is wrong.

Create the right flow of the right ingredients, and then rebuild the right symbiotic environment.

Skin care, including how to deal with such the root causes.

The idea should be considered as “The general theory of the skin care”.


We want to consider skin care correctly as a “skin environmental problem”, examine all causes and solutions, and aim for more fundamental and realistic skin care.

From the perspective of Love and family as well as science and biology,
Only by paying attention to all conditions such as these,
we can keep health of the Skin and the Earth.

And personally…

I believe that “antioxidant” and “love” that we practice in our daily lives are effective ways to protect ourselves from “stress” which is our greatest enemy.




When chronic fatigue reached to the peaks
Allergic reactions also appeared even by familiar ingredients and spread throughout the body.
Relieved by the rest of the brain and the body and antioxidation




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