KEIKO Beauty Column 1-16. Remind the original functions

KEIKO Beauty column by Keiko Iwanaga, a beautician with over 40 years of experience. Collaboration with Dr.Oike opens a new frontier of beauty.



1-16. Remind the original functions (日本語


The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is spreading without an effective treatment.

Right now, the whole world is struggling with this invisible enemy.

So far, no means of completely preventing infection have been established.

If you’re infected…

Everyone spends anxious days.


The system that protects our bodies from unknown infections is called “Immunity“.


Immunity is a defense system that protects us from viruses and other pathogens.


This system is created by the action of specialized immune cells that are found in the white blood cells.

When a virus enters our body, our immune cells begin to attack and try to protect us.


However, this function also declines with age, so you’ll need to work harder as you age.

In order to make effective use of this valuable function, we need to raise our own immunity.


How to boost your immunity immediately.
This is the basics of the basics.

warm up


Getting a good night’s sleep can help you recover from fatigue, improve the absorption of nutrients, and boost your immune system.

On the other hand, sleep deprivation lowers your immunity because it releases hormones that are similar to those released when you are stressed.


A variety of nutrients, including sugars, amino acids and vitamins, are needed for immune cells to be active to attack viruses .
Eating a well-balanced meal and getting proper nutrition will improve the function of the immune system.


[warm up]
It has been shown that immune cells are more active when their body temperature is high.

The two most effective are “exercise” and “bathing”.

Moderate exercise and bathing not only warms up your body but also relieves stress.

Stress lowers your immune system, so be careful.

When taking a bath, it is important to soak in lukewarm water to warm your body deeply.


And it reduces viruses that enter the body.


First, let’s keep the social distance.

I’m sure you take various measures such as washing your hands, sterilization, wearing a mask, and drinking water, but it’s important to keep your hand that touches something away from your mouth.

You can’t wash your hands every time you touch them, so it’s a good idea to carry some disinfectant with you.


In addition to washing and disinfecting your hands, it’s important to stay hydrated and protect your mucous membranes.

“When the mucous membranes dry up, the virus seems to be able to get in easily.
I think it can be a good solution to have a little bit of water in your mouth to moisturize and make it harder to get in.”


What we can do with our own efforts…

Let’s do everything we can to prevent infection!

Maximize your own immunity and win the battle with the virus!


For your skin and your body…

The most important thing is to get back to basics.

Now, I think we are learning it again right now.


Next time is,
Infections and hand skin trouble.



Our “immunity” has been strengthened in the past by exposure to various dangers.




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